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How to get rid of too much 502 glue

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No matter manual or visual dispensing machine is used to operate 502 dispensing, it is likely to dry and solidify, so some customers ask how to remove 502 glue when dispensing. According to the experience summary of small and medium-sized knitting, we can test from the following three points and remove this part of adhesive to avoid affecting the normal production effect
502 adhesive
To stick 502 glue in a small area is to soak it in boiling water for a while. If you stick 502 glue on a large scale and apply acetone, you can get 502 glue out at least 5-10min later.
1. Put 502 on the place with glue to melt the original 502, and then quickly remove 502 glue with clear water.
2. Use insulating oil to pour the insulating oil in the reactor on the platform. 502 glue will not soften for a long time, and it will not rub for a long time.
Repair adhesive
3. The acetone solution is washable
502 glue is a kind of resin glue, that is to say, acetone can be used to dissolve the resin. However, it is harmful to inhale acetone. Considering the operation method, it can plug the sticky part into the glass bottle. It is understood that when it is frozen in the freezer, the glue will also fall off. You can try to stick 502 glue in a small area first, that is, soak it in boiling water for a while. If you stick 502 glue on a large scale and apply acetone, you can get rid of the dry and solid part of 502 glue in at least 5-10min.
Acetone solution
From the above points, it is believed that most users have original opinions on how to get rid of 502 glue. The application of visual dispensing machine has high accuracy and good stability. It is far superior to manual and general automatic dispensing equipment in controlling glue filling and characteristic control. Therefore, in a deeper industry, in order to ensure the accuracy and stability, the effect of 502 glue can be precisely controlled by visual dispensing machine.

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