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Common problems in dispensing process

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With the development and expansion of manufacturing industry, electronic equipment continues to appear in social life, and the demand for electronic equipment becomes more and more diversified, and the desire for it continues to rise! Most of the electronic equipment needs the application of glue and paste technology. The automatic dispenser is the dispensing robot built for these users, so as to coordinate the customers' more reasonable application of the dispenser. We continue to develop and push new dispensing robots. The following instructions are common problems in the dispensing process, so as to better solve the control.
1、 What kind of glue are all kinds of dispensing machines mainly used for and what kind of goods are matched?
Analysis: the glue is divided by the outer package, and the glue machine is added. You only need to know the glue and the outer package.
2、 What kind of glue do you use?
① Suction valve: UV glue, ink
② Large flow back suction valve: silica gel
③ Anaerobic rubber valve: anaerobic rubber, screw rubber, sealant
④ Static AB valve 1: large flow glue
⑤ Static AB valve 2: small flow glue
⑥ Static AB valve 3: small flow glue, blue red AB glue
⑦ Dynamic AB valve: built in motor to stir glue or liquid
⑧ Spray valve: paint, ink, adhesive
⑨ Micro precision plunger valve 1: alcohol
⑩ Micro precision plunger valve 2: UV glue
3、 Product dispensing out is very small, glue flow does not enter how to solve?
Analysis: the glue can be diluted and beaten several times (for example, 3 to 5 times).
4、 Common problems in dispensing process how much can the smaller dispensing amount of midpoint glue be adjusted?
Analysis: the smaller dispensing volume of dispensing valve is 0.001ml-0.006ml.
5、 How much is the viscosity of the glue below that of the glue?
Analysis: the circulation of glue below 1000 is relatively strong.

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