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Necessary and practical vacuum glue filling machine of the m

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Vacuum glue filling machine is a kind of equipment which can carry out glue filling under the condition of vacuum. Compared with the general type of filling machine, the obvious difference comes from pumping into the vacuum field, which will immediately interfere with the quality of the product. The key application fields are automobile industry, capacitor electromagnetic coil filling and so on. In addition, the machine equipment has excellent repeatable ability, which enhances the working efficiency.
Vacuum glue filling machine, also known as AB glue filling machine, is an intelligent equipment that mainly regulates the liquid and drips, coats and seals the liquid on the surface or inside of the product. It is suitable for gluing, pouring, coating, sealing, filling, linear, arc and round coating of glue, oil and other liquids in the product processing process
Selection criteria半自动真空灌胶机
1. Glue: single component glue dispenser, double liquid glue dispenser for AB glue, PU glue dispenser for PU glue and corresponding syringe for Uvglue.
2. Glue filling processing technology: generally, semi-automatic (such as foot pedal adjustment) is selected for glue filling, while bench, three-axis, circle and other intelligent glue filling machines are selected for precise positioning marks. The intelligent function of dispensing machine is actually attached with functions. The vacuum glue filling machine has a large number of functions to adjust glue, and other functions can be completed by automatic manipulator.
3. Working efficiency and conditions: few products, do not yearn for efficiency, choose manual glue gun; outdoor work, choose glue gun. Regulate accurately the glue output and select equipment. If intelligent dispensing is specified, the equipment with intelligent function shall be selected.
4. Profit: there are various measures for glue filling. Not all other glue filling equipment should be selected, nor other intelligent dispensing equipment must be attached to the glue filling machine. From the perspective of profit, once some glues are to be replaced with expensive equipment, you can think about replacing glues. Once the price of intelligent dispenser is too high, you can think about moving the product instead of filling the rubber head.

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