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Dispenser manufacturer tells you the solution of hot melt dr

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It is true that many hot-melt glue dispensing equipment consumers come and go will encounter a kind of situation, which is to solve the problem of hot-melt glue wire drawing when the hot-melt glue machine is out of glue. How to deal with this problem?
Hot melt glue machine manufacturer's technical engineer obtains the following many opinions, but also hopes to give you the necessary opinions!
1. Check whether the hot-melt adhesive fails to meet the requirements. If the hot-melt adhesive is caused by the adhesive, replace it with a new one.
2. If the heat is too low, check whether the heat of the nozzle is too low, causing the phenomenon of wire drawing.
3. Solenoid valve, whether the diagnostic solenoid valve is blocked by other piles, resulting in too small displacement, which interferes with the rubber discharge, and whether the response speed of the solenoid valve is faster.
4. Spray gun, the spray gun shows a very high fundamental function during the spraying period, to see if there is the phenomenon of hot melt adhesive wire drawing caused by slow reflection.
Hot melt glue dispenser can not find wire drawing problems in the fields of motor vehicles, gift boxes, food industry, mattress overall home, electronic devices, skin care products, etc. Different with the hot-melt glue spray machine are not able to find the problem of drawing. Next, I will explain to you the reason why there is no hot melt adhesive drawing.
1. The temperature control of hot melt adhesive is fine. The first-line brand temperature control system is selected, the temperature control is fine to + - 0.01 degrees, and the heat adjustment of the equipment needs to be the appropriate heat of the hot melt adhesive. If there is a problem with temperature control, the problem of unsatisfied glue will occur.
2. The development of hot melt glue gun is very important. The glue valve on the hot melt glue gun can reflect quickly, the ejector pin can directly push the nozzle, and the glue can be broken completely. This formulation plays an important role in preventing hot melt drawing.

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