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Three anti glue functions of high speed dispenser

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For you to explain the common use of high-speed dispenser for three anti glue applications:
1. Application of polyurethane three proofing adhesive
Advantage: the material is brittle and has excellent solvent resistance. Not only the excellent waterproof effect, but also the effect is stable in the lower temperature atmosphere.
2, acrylic emulsion containing solution three anti glue (the most widely used industry at this stage, popular products)
Advantages: it has the advantages of dry fixation, fast solidification time, excellent three defense, affordable price, crystal clear color, flexible material, and suitable for cleaning performance.
3. Silicone three proofing application
Advantages: smooth rigid coating material, can relieve pressure, heat resistant, easy to clean. There are two types of silicone three proofing adhesive: solvent resistant type and solution cleaning type. Both are used under high temperature standard, with excellent resistance to solvent irritation and salt spray properties. Although solvent resistant products can be used for welding, they cannot be cleaned by solvent. The highest advantage of the three proofing applications of the two is that the combination of chemical bonds becomes firm due to the advancement of time. In order to maintain good results, it can be correctly hot set once it is needed. Silicone products have important electrical insulation properties, which make it become satisfactory products for high power and high integrated circuit board.
4, no solution acrylic emulsion, three anti gel uses.
Advantages: the three proofing glue has various uses. It can be solidified by UV. It can be dried in seconds to tens of seconds. The color is crystal clear, the material is hard, and the chemical corrosion and wear resistance are also very good. Three proofing glue that starts to solidify with sunlight, no solution is needed. They are not ignited and have no volatile organic matter, which is in line with the actual current and proposed environmental protection regulations. Both can guarantee excellent solvent resistance and thermal stability, good softness, bright surface, strong adhesion and good connectivity. The solidification time is a fraction of that of other products (in seconds). According to the increase of production rate, the cost of products is greatly reduced. Therefore, this kind of three proofing glue without solution is more used with high-speed dispenser.

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