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The development of domestic dispensing machine started in th

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The development of domestic dispensing machine originated from: 2005-2007, the development of domestic private dispensing machine manufacturers originated from. It was originally an agent + independent R & D, or a manufacturer in the automation technology industry as the dispensing machine industry, and gradually transformed into a specialized dispensing machine manufacturer. At the end of 2009, according to incomplete analysis, the number of domestic dispensing machines was increased to more than 30 specialized manufacturers. If the non professional automation technology or glue manufacturers, foreign dispensing manufacturers and agents were covered, the number would increase to thousands.
Status and development potential of domestic automatic dispensing machine:
At present, the development of domestic dispensing machine and the transformation of the whole industry are: the single liquid dispensing process is relatively perfect, and its future development is automation technology and high precision.
At present, the technology of double liquid dispenser is in the research link, which is the future development of domestic dispenser industry. In the aspect of automatic dispensing machine, the domestic three-axis four-axis platform and R-axis dispensing machine have a long history of transformation. If only the general precision is used, then the domestic dispensing machine and platform can be used. At present, there are many manufacturers who are engaged in the manufacturing and research of such single liquid devices, and the market demand is gradually fierce, but the prospect of research and development is still very large.
For the double liquid dispensing machine equipment, this is a far from complete industry: there are a few dispensing machines in the world, which can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan at any time, making many manufacturers expect it. At present, the domestic double liquid machine technology has a great disparity, and the price is relatively low. However, the product quality needs to be further optimized, which is also an unavoidable topic for the development of domestic dispensing machine. Due to the more and more common application of AB glue, the regulation of filling glue process will be higher. Double liquid dispensing machine is another growing R & D industry in dispensing machine industry.

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