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Difference between single liquid dispensing machine and doub

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Dispensing machine is suitable for single liquid glue and double liquid glue. Most production workshops choose single liquid dispensing machine mostly. If users need to choose, they need to have a certain understanding of the two. Therefore, this paper will supplement and summarize the difference between dispensing machine.
331 desktop automatic dispensing machine
The difference between the double liquid dispensing machine and the ordinary dispensing machine is that the part coating is a mixture of two different types of adhesives, so as to play a more effective role in the production efficiency of the double liquid dispensing machine, and know the following knowledge points of multiple factors in order to better recognize the difference between the dispensing machine.
1、 Know the basic principle of the double liquid dispensing machine, which can more effectively ensure the production efficiency of the dispensing equipment. The basic principle of the dispensing equipment is as follows: first, store the AB adhesive in the carbon steel pressure bucket, and then transfer the AB adhesive to the double liquid dispensing valve of the automatic dispensing machine according to the gas pressure, so that the adhesive can mix well under the influence of the double liquid dispensing valve. Later, use the dispensing valve to extrude the mixed adhesive and apply it on the parts to realize the relevant dispensing steps.
Double station double liquid dispensing machine
2、 Special attention shall be paid to the operation of the double liquid dispensing machine in the following 6 points:
1. The mixing proportion of adhesive shall be in strict accordance with the standard
2. Control the double liquid dispensing machine according to the operation instructions, and distinguish the difference of cognitive adjustment through the dispensing machine.
3. Check whether the dispensing accuracy of dispensing equipment changes every quarter
4. Non professional technicians are not allowed to disassemble the optical parts of dispensing machine freely
5. Special oil is required for cleaning dispensing equipment, not wet towel
6. When it is not needed for a period of time, clean the barrel and cover the dispensing equipment with dust boot
Two station automation platform
The difference between double liquid dispensing machine and single liquid dispensing machine is that most of the practitioners need to recognize the corresponding aspects, so they need to get more attention.

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