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In depth knowledge sharing of cleaning and dispensing machin

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The automatic dispensing system is composed of three parts: multiple pressure buckets, two-component dispensing valve, and then two-component dispensing equipment. In addition, we specifically need to clean the needle, plastic shell and metal material template, so we need to clean the dispensing machine parts according to a certain period.
Double air hole double liquid dispensing valve
1. Dispensing needle: the deformation or wear of needle and stopper may have a particularly important interference on dispensing quality. If the temperature is high or the dispensing machine parts are not cleaned for a long time, the patch adhesive may also be dry fixed or semi dry fixed on the inner and outer layers of the needle, resulting in blocking. Check the dispensing needle on time, detect the pollution and clean it timely. It is customary to soak the needle in the corresponding solvent, but only by foaming to remove any material that is not dry and solid, the rate is too low. We can choose the corresponding solvent to do the high-pressure spray to blow out the inner hole of the needle, then blow the inner hole with the dry compressed gas to dry the needle.
. various dispensing needles
2. Plastic shell: when cleaning the plastic shell, it may cause electrostatic discharge. Therefore, it is necessary to use targeted anti-static cleaning fluid to prevent this situation. In addition, it can't be cleaned manually with a rag, because the plastic is easy to be scratched, which may lead to the printing quality for a long time in the past, so this is also the need to pay attention to when cleaning the dispensing machine parts.
3. Metal material template: in order to prevent the harm of cleaning solution to the paste of template and screen, first select the pre cleaning steps, then select stronger cleaning agent, operate by hand to prevent the contact between the cleaning agent and the paste adhesive, and then use common cleaning agent to clean the template and other cleaning and dispensing machine parts.
Dispenser platform shell
Cleaning the dispensing machine parts is a key work in the daily task maintenance and service stage of the dispensing machine. The operator attaches great importance to it, but the cleaning method needs to be improved. The above is the cleaning method of the automatic dispensing machine and other parts. The author reminds you of the above, hoping to have a role for you.

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