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How to use glue sprayer to prevent oxidation of parts

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In the field of auto parts, the vast majority of parts and components need to be sprayed with butter to avoid oxidation. This step belongs to the action of anti-oxidation of parts and components. However, some customers who can't find contact do not know the effect of spraying butter on parts and components, and the efficiency and quality of all aspects can not meet the required standards. According to people's experience for several years and a lot of customers' choice, the It is concluded that the butter spray machine is basically smooth, but the current machine types are various, the poor quality of course can not meet, and the selection of automatic spray machine can meet the manufacturing requirements of the production.
Potentiometer anti oxidation
In order to successfully spray on the parts to achieve the effect of anti-oxidation, the first step is to see the following:
That is to say, the spray valve equipped with the equipment of the manufacturer is due to the fact that the butter used for the parts is all grease and the consistency is different. The spray valve equipped with the unique configuration of the manufacturer is able to The adjustment butter coating is successfully completed, and the efficiency and quality are very good. The accessories have the effect of reactivation, and the reaction of the back absorption of the glue sprayed by the anti-oxidation parts is fast. The spray valve selected by other equipment is also very good. At the same time, people also equipped with anti scraping needles, because the standard of rubber quantity is very thin, it is not easy to choose the anti scraping needles to cause the uneven spraying on the parts.
Spray point gluing valve
It's difficult for the general automatic glue sprayer to be such a precise standard on the auto parts. This equipment is specially customized for the grease glue, which is used to complete the anti-oxidation work of the parts. The primary effect is that it can be manufactured for the smooth application of the grease glue in the common fields, which is also the equipment that has been developed by people Therefore, at present, you can understand the advantages of this device. For different devices, you need to choose different types of devices to achieve the effect that people agree with.
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