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The needs of mobile phone hot melt adhesive coating industry

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Application of hot melt glue machine in the field of touch screen mobile phone
In recent years, due to the popularity of touch-screen smart phones, it has promoted the overall requirements and progress in the field of dispensing machine, and the full-automatic dispensing machine is a new journey in this round, and it is unlikely that the mobile phone has been coated with hot melt adhesive.
Back cover of mobile phone
With the advent of touch-screen mobile phones such as apple and Huawei, which are widely sought after by the masses, mobile phones are making progress towards touch-screen mobile phones. Not only the popularity of apple, domestic brand Huawei, etc. in the world, but also the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, such as oppo, Xiaomi, etc. are competing for the mobile phone manufacturers to join in releasing their own touch-screen mobile phones. Time flies, mobile phones have become a new era of touch screen, the previous key mobile phones have been far behind, the corresponding application of hot melt adhesive technology has been pushed to people's eyes.
Touch screen dot coating for mobile phone
In the assembly process of touch screen, the requirement of hot melt adhesive is indispensable. In other words, the hot melt adhesive needs to be heated in the dispensing process. When the temperature exceeds the corresponding temperature, it should be stored in the automatic dispensing machine immediately to do a good job of automatic dispensing. It is an indispensable standard to raise and control the temperature in the dispensing process. This results in the requirements of hot melt adhesive and dispensing heater.
Double head hot melt dispensing machine
Some of the hot-melt adhesives used for mobile phones are used as soft shell protectors, while others are used for the bonding and fixation of built-in parts. Because of the high viscosity of the hot-melt adhesives, only a few of the applications that need to be coated with the hot-melt adhesives for mobile phones will be used. According to different needs, different quantitative control of the glue output will be made. After the hot-melt adhesives are coated, they have relatively high viscosity and curing In order to have the corresponding use value and necessity in some mobile phone production.

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