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To operate the high-speed automatic dispensing machine, it i

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The high-speed automatic dispensing machine has the advantages of high viscosity, small glue point and adjustable drawing condition. If the viscosity of the high-speed automatic dispensing machine is small, the glue will penetrate into the product when the glue point is large. So it is very important to choose the suitable viscosity for glue viscosity. At this time, it is necessary to make clear whether the type of glue viscosity selection is correct or not!
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The adjustment of dispensing pressure is very important. The pressure of high-speed automatic dispensing machine will constitute the overflow condition of glue. If the pressure is too small, the leakage point will be the accidental dispensing standard, which will not meet the necessary dispensing process of the product, resulting in low yield and low efficiency.
Glue viscosity selection plays a very important role in packaging precision, packaging adhesion and overall packaging quality, so glue viscosity is the demand of dispensing in the packaging process. In the process of packaging with high-speed automatic dispenser, different processes of using colloidal viscosity are found. Colloid is always a liquid solution machine manufacturer and any necessary production line. Then the manufacturer of high-speed dispenser explains the solution of colloidal abnormal viscosity.
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One of the common processes in the selection of glue viscosity of high-speed automatic dispenser is the installation of electric heater, which is one of the common and rapid ways in any way. In individual packaging standards, it is necessary to increase the condition and gel temperature to adapt to the packaging process. Because the temperature of the rising gel is within the corresponding large range, the temperature change caused by the pulse is reduced, and the harm caused by the liquid consistency is guaranteed.
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Other requirements are based on reducing gel viscosity to package. The adjustment and application of glue viscosity are also reduced on a large scale, and the high-speed automatic dispensing machine frequently appears in the packaging process. The number of drags and drags, the liquid is automatic. Dispensing line, glue dropping rate and glue dispenser's viscosity and glue filling machine are all harmful to the quality of any packaged product for a long time. At the same time, it is necessary to deepen and enhance the application technology and technology of plastic body.

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