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Points for attention after stopping work of Longmen high spe

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Longmen high speed dispensing machine is a different from the traditional high speed dispensing machine of a new generation of dispensing equipment, implementation of computer program control by SCM, real-time detection work to modify the operating personnel, with high-speed operation, accurate dispensing, wide working plane "three characteristics, is the standard high water line dispensing equipment whether it is on or off, Longmen high-speed dispensing machine has some notable matters through understanding can work to help users make better use of the dispensing machine.
Longmen AB high speed dispenser
If the user needs to complete dispensing closure may wish to wait a while before shutdown, it could give the internal working parts of a dispensing relaxation period, because of the internal parts just normal high speed operation pressure, if directly shut down the machine may make changes in the normal work of the dispenser is too intense and affect the normal life, check for damage high speed dispensing machine power line in this process. Shut down after the timely check in Longmen rail if there is dust and dirt, dust and dirt to clean up above, in order to make the normal functioning of the dispensing dispensing need to add the lubricating oil in the motion guide for next time.
Longmen single station high speed dispenser
The dispensing work platform after several automatic loading and unloading after may accumulate some waste on the working platform, need to clean up the plane residual waste in time, also need to adjust the tightness of the transmission chain, after a long time of operation will be a part of wear, as the case may be directly replaced.
Longmen desktop three axis high speed dispenser
In addition to these high-speed dispensing machine hardware, other parts also need to deal with, such as cooling fan dust should be dealt with in time, glue supply of the plastic tube should be cleaned up in time. To solve these problems, you can cover a layer of dust protection cloth, so as to work next time.

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