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Cleaning of fluorine rubber high speed dispenser

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The fluorine rubber high speed dispenser has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible dispensing, good micro motion and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of high viscosity special glue. It is an ideal working equipment for the adhesive ring of fluorine rubber sealing ring. Greatly improve the efficiency of adhesive work and reduce the workload of operators, to solve more problems for manufacturers. In order to make the high speed dispensing function work better, cleaning and maintenance link is a very important part, and then to introduce high-speed cleaning machine related cleaning work.
Three axis high speed fluorine rubber dispenser
Fluorine rubber high speed dispensing machine shell is made of metal, if the direct use of powerful cleaning agent to make casing erosion effects caused by rust or damage to the body, so in normal cleaning before pre cleaning, cleaning agent concentration gradually so that the body does not need to use the cleaning effect of erosion, will not affect the normal work of the dispensing template in this process.
Detergent for dispensing machine
Pay attention to high-speed dispensing glue pipeline should focus on cleaning, close feed dispenser, and a discharge port is opened to all of the remaining waste poured out, close the outlet valve from the inlet into the cleaning agent, cleaning the rubber slag remaining, and then starts to melt into the remaining slag dispensing machine washing.
There is some fluorine rubber high-speed dispensing machine has the automatic cleaning system, through the detection after self cleaning, of course, these high-speed dispensing machine is because the configuration of the acid pump to use automatic cleaning function, high corrosive acid pump can deal with special cleaning fluid with the well, after cleaning automatically residue inside the waste discharge, if the user has loaded acid pump can also use automatic cleaning function.
Desktop automatic dispensing equipment
Cleaning work after a period of time to dry in order to normal use.

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