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Suggestions on nozzle selection of automatic glue sprayer

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The automatic glue sprayer has a key effect in the product bonding. The nozzle selection is very important in the parts of the automatic glue sprayer. There are many kinds of materials. Different products need to use different materials. If the selection is not very suitable, it will easily lead to low precision, glue dropping, glue leakage and other situations, leading to our reduction of production efficiency and consumption of time. It is used in the case of nozzle selection It's very important. Maybe there are effective cleaning devices for sprinklers. Some of them don't exist. There are so many kinds of sprinklers and different materials. How should we choose them?
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Each sprinkler has different functions, such as cooling, spraying and cleaning. Different types of sprinkler heads will be used in different fields. This will also be decided according to their own regulations. Incorrect selection will result in low density of products.
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We have understood the different functions of it, or we don't know how to choose. For example, if we want to spray rubber on the brassiere, we need to choose a high-speed dispensing valve. We need to improve the accuracy of the product according to the regulations. If the glue used on the brassiere is not good, we need to use a high-pressure method to do the bonding. In the field of decoration, the nozzle selection has a cleaning effect It is necessary to determine the angle, air pressure value and injection standard. In this respect, each key point should be determined and understood at different levels, so that the work can be carried out more simply and the error rate can be reduced. If the products within the electronic manufacturing industry are to be selected with cleaning effect, it is due to the high precision of the provisions of the electronic manufacturing industry.
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If you want your products to have high adhesion, you have no doubt to choose the parts, otherwise the quality will be poor. How to choose the electronic manufacturing industry, you can choose according to your own needs. The automatic glue sprayer nozzle selection is only one of them, and the obvious effect is actually to match together to achieve satisfactory results.

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