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Possible difficulties in operating visual dispensing machine

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When operating the visual dispensing machine, the whole graphic program can be compiled, and the whole part can be compiled according to the program, so as to comprehensively improve the ease of use and convenience of programming. At the same time, we also need to see the after-sale guarantee of the manufacturer after the dispensing machine is sold. This is very important. Equipment such as dispensing machine, which often runs, cannot be prevented from being worn, damaged, damaged, etc. All equipment has this kind of depreciation link, which we can't prevent, but the usual maintenance and manufacturer's warranty period are very important.
Large platform visual dispensing machine
If you want to operate the visual dispensing machine, usually beginners learn how to program for 20 to 60 minutes, and the programming time for new parts is 2 to 10 minutes. In order to identify the advantages and disadvantages, it is not only to see how novel and powerful the equipment is when it is shipped, but also to find out what most manufacturers are doing in this field. Before the purchase, the consumer excessively violates the purpose of the equipment, and falsely displays his after-sales guarantee. Most of the consumers either did not visit or were deceived by these lies or did not buy according to the principle of objective facts.
Desktop type visual dispensing machine
When consumers buy the visual dispenser and go back to their own manufacturing and production, most of the situation exists, and then go to the manufacturer for maintenance and inspection. The after-sales service technicians are cold and tired of their work attitude, and they refuse each other's rights and responsibilities, so that it's the abnormal situation that consumers don't do according to the specific manufacturing standards. Usually after asking for a long time, they can't get a reasonable reply. Some people may come to repair your dispenser, but they don't have their own maintenance team. They may be temporarily hired maintenance workers. The maintenance cost of equipment and components is also high, even more so that they can't control it.
Automation equipment manufacturer
If the visual dispenser is damaged during operation, the maintenance only accounts for one aspect, and the key is to interfere with the normal manufacturing. Regular losses are huge. Expect other situations. If there is a problem in the normal manufacturing of the equipment, a phone call is received from the manufacturer's after-sales support organization at the same time, and your equipment will be repaired and completely restored to manufacturing in the same day or even several hours. You will decide more about this kind of manufacturer.

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