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Uniform, fast and efficient glue on zipper

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In the clothing industry, zipper is the factor to use the automatic glue sprayer from time to time. However, some unknown customers are not clear about the function of glue on the zipper, and whether the working efficiency and quality factors can meet our standards. According to our experience for so many years and many customers' application, we can see that the automatic glue sprayer can be carried out completely, but there are many types of machines on sale Variety, quality is not good is certainly not satisfied, to carry out the zipper of clothing gluing first to see the following points.
DRESS ZIPPER spot gluing
The first thing is to see the spray valve matched with the manufacturer's device. Because the zipper needs to use a lower concentration of glue, the choice of the spray valve can be carried out. At the same time, the working efficiency and quality factors are very good. It has the function of reactivation and quick suction response. The spray valve used by other equipment is also very good. In addition, we also matched with the anti scratch device Needle, because the standard of glue quantity required for zipper glue is relatively thin, it is not easy to cause the uneven problem of zipper behind when using the anti scratch needle.
Three axis jet dispenser
General automatic glue spraying machine can't carry out the standard of glue on the zipper of clothes. This device is a device that we produce for clothes. The specific function is to spray glue on the zipper of long chain. It's a device that we have developed for a long time. Therefore, if you go to the market, you can understand the advantages of this device. For different devices, you need to use different kinds of devices To the function of our identity.
Non contact spray valve
At present, Sinochem is involved in many fields requiring filling and coating. High performance and stable operation is one of the criteria that customers often judge our company. The application of non-contact glue spraying technology to zipper gluing meets the production requirements, while greatly improving the production capacity. It is an automatic equipment that will be used in many production and manufacturing.

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