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Tell you the value of high-speed dispenser

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The high-speed dispenser has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, strong and durable. The consumers who use the equipment all appreciate it. The embodiment of the value of the high-speed dispenser comes from its application effect. Of course, it will be limited or influenced by the product property, glue property, demand effect and other aspects. Therefore, different components or parts will be configured for different needs Of course, even the standard type of the equipment has the effect of ensuring the efficiency and accuracy together, ensuring the stable dispensing production to meet the vast majority of production requirements.
Matching automatic dispensing machine
Brief introduction of high speed dispensing machine
The dispensing machine belongs to the fully automatic type of equipment. The operator only needs to be responsible for feeding and blanking and technical programming adjustment. After the parts are placed in the fixed position, pressing the start key can complete the whole dispensing needs. Therefore, it can greatly save labor and reduce costs. It can only be realized by making reasonable plans for accessories and components. According to the actual needs, it can be made with single or double positions Of course, in order to meet the efficiency requirements, it is recommended to develop a double station high-speed dispenser, which can save the frequency of manual loading and unloading, and conservatively estimate that the efficiency can be increased by 1 / 2.
331 automatic dispensing machine
Application characteristics of equipment
1. The glue output can be adjusted arbitrarily through the external controller
2. The value of the high-speed dispenser is due to its precise dispensing with the minimum glue dropping amount of 0.1mm
3. Be able to develop the glue time and speed according to the needs to meet the requirements of various product manufacturing
4. It can perform a variety of production operations, such as automatic circulation, timing and quantitative dispensing and other common modes
5. It has the function of vacuum back absorption, which can effectively back absorb the glue material to prevent problems such as glue drawing or leakage
Double station high speed dispensing
On the one hand, the above application features are put into the manufacturing production. Only the synchronous control of dispensing accuracy and glue quantity can achieve the best dispensing effect, and only the high-speed dispensing machine value which can achieve high consistency and precise dispensing can be embodied.

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