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Influencing factors of glue thickness from dispensing machin

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According to the needs of actual production, we will select high-performance automatic dispensing machine, which can quickly and effectively complete all kinds of high-efficiency production work only after adjusting the basic parameters. This time, we will make a deeper introduction to the concept of glue thickness, because glue through the control of the thickness of dispensing is one of the factors affecting product quality, such as If the thickness is too thin, it will not protect some products. If the thickness is too thick, it is not conducive to subsequent maintenance and disassembly. Therefore, how to select the appropriate one becomes a key point.
Glue the battery
From the perspective of the actual production situation of the product, there is no requirement for the glue thickness only through the dispensing machine, only when the whole surface or irregular path is completed, most users of dispensing will know the required thickness, and the following is a simple reference value:
1. General coating is 30-40 μ M
2. Decorative coating is 35-45 μ M
3. The protective coating is 125-130 μ M
4. Wear resistant coating 130-150 μ M
5. 700-1000 μ m thick surface coating
Apply UV glue to wire arrangement points
The thickness of the glue displayed after dispensing is affected by the length of the gel. When the pressure is uniform, the longer the glue will be, the thicker the glue will be. So it will be possible to point out the required thickness by increasing the length of the glue, such as the non-contact mode of spray glue, which is special. When the glue is sprayed out of the spray valve by pneumatic drive, the rubber is sprayed out in a fan like fog. With the characteristics of high single point accuracy and thin glue, the glue thickness is suitable for protective coating or general coating.
Atomizing spray rubber valve
At present, it is necessary to control the dispenser to complete bonding, sealing or coating. The required glue thickness also depends on the nature and needs of the product.

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