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Requirements for the characteristics of glue filling of junc

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Generally, the branch part of the line will be placed in a junction box for management and placement, which is to be able to arrange it in various narrow spaces for control and use. After the junction box is filled with glue, it can be placed in a fixed position with high strength. In addition, it will not be affected by external interference, shorten its service life or damage, and reduce its viscosity. The recommended filling glue should be a two-component high-strength glue Gluing.
Glue filling of circuit junction box
The junction box shall be filled with epoxy resin adhesive with two-component ratio adjustment, and the adhesive which is not easy to be affected by the ambient temperature shall be selected. The process requirements of this part are described below.
1. Each glue filling part inside the junction box is uniform, with moderate thickness and flat glue
2. The selected glue shall not change violently due to the influence of climate, which will cause the glue to loosen to less than the glue filling strength
3. It can be applied to the proportion of various strengths and avoid problems such as slow drying and too fast drying
4. The rubber hose shall be smooth and stable as a whole, and shall not be blocked to affect the continuity or damage the machine
5. The glue filling quantity and precision can be adjusted according to the actual needs
Ratio of epoxy resin to AB glue
The glue filling of junction box can fill the wiring position of the whole circuit board, so that it has the function of glue filling protection and impact resistance. Before the formal implementation, it is necessary to prevent a series of possible effects of bubbles. Therefore, it will fully mix the AB epoxy resin glue after the ratio to be even, so that it is sufficient without the effect of bubbles, so that it has the corresponding bonding strength and effect, making the glue filling process of junction box
With a higher quality of adhesion and stability.
High viscosity glue filling machine
According to the needs of the glue filling process of the junction box, we need to supply a kind of automatic equipment which can control the multi proportion glue filling. This equipment can complete the glue filling of many products including the junction box, including the stage of large flow glue filling or high efficiency glue filling. It has the characteristics of saving labor and strong stability.

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