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Equipment conditions for smooth rubber filling of rectifier

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The rectifier bridge has the function of converting alternating current to direct current in many electronic components, which is formed by the principle of unidirectional conductivity. This paper makes a supplementary introduction to the rubber filling stage of the rectifier bridge. The component needs to be combined with the corresponding rubber filling technology to further improve the stability and function, so it needs to use the rubber filling technology reasonably to achieve the value improvement of the component, so it needs to Explain the production application in depth.
Rubber filling for rectifier bridge
As one of many small electronic components, the structure of the rectifier bridge is relatively small and requires high glue filling accuracy. The glue type selected is the epoxy glue after high temperature heating. After reasonable heating, the glue has high fluidity and adhesive strength. The two-component epoxy glue will be used as the glue filling material because the inner edge of the glue For some solid fillers mixed with oil, the continuous and stable glue supply shall be completed in combination with the pressure barrel and act on the glue filling link of the rectifier bridge, so as to realize the complete proportion of glue and prevent the sedimentation and separation caused by standing.
Considering the poor fluidity of the glue used for filling the rectifier bridge, a heating package will be placed outside the pressure barrel to ensure the fluidity for a long time.
Table type automatic glue filling machine
The precision wear-resistant metering pump will be used for the rectifier bridge to control the glue output. We have mentioned that the glue a part of the proportioning adhesive has solid particles mixed together, which may affect the overall service life of the mixing pump. It is easy to cause high degree of wear due to the transportation of particles. Therefore, the rectifier bridge needs to be equipped with a high viscosity metering pump for continuous use before it is put into production.
Large flow filling and filling machine
Because most of the production using rectifier bridge filling glue has a relatively high demand, and the structure of the product is relatively small and meticulous, in order to ensure the continuous concentration of efficiency, multiple heads need to fill glue together to ensure the overall production efficiency and control quality.

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