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Automatic equipment suitable for helmet painting

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A helmet with good quality and can be recycled for a long time will have a relatively high demand. Driven by the "one helmet area" policy, the current helmet manufacturing and production stage is affected. Helmet painting is mainly to apply an appropriate amount of primer or finish paint on the outer end of the helmet shell. After spraying an appropriate amount of adhesive paint, it has a relatively good adhesion and strength of the base material surface, which can not be used for a long time and is affected by wetting , so we will choose to use a special rotary painting equipment.
Helmet rotation painting
Select special new technology to finish product painting
Now it's not only motorcycles need to wear helmets, but also small household electric ones. Sinochem provides a high-end technology that can control the mechanical arm to drive glue spraying. The mechanical arm drives flexibly and has a high stability and fluency. When it is put into helmet painting for a long time, it can ensure that the product's qualification rate reaches the standard and maintains a high consistency, so it has spray Due to the advantages of uniform coating and high efficiency and stability, the single point spraying has high precision and wide coverage, so the outer film thickness of paint spraying is about 20 microns. After painting, these semi-finished products need to be baked to dry solid.
Helmet spray paint
How to prevent paint falling
Some manufacturers who focus on helmet production will ask what causes the paint to fall off easily after spraying. It is necessary to first understand the adverse effect of poor adhesion on paint falling. According to the analysis of insiders, it is mainly caused by poor adhesion on the surface of paint and plastic materials. Most helmet materials are mainly non-polar base materials, and the adhesion of such helmets to paint materials is not strong, Therefore, even if the paint is dried and fixed after spraying, the paint may fall off. Considering this factor, the adhesion of the two can be enhanced to avoid paint falling. The adhesion of the helmet after spraying and the helmet can be comprehensively improved by selecting a special treatment agent.
China Manufacturing Co., Ltd. supplies multi axis linkage painting equipment customization, which can be used in the continuous helmet production and manufacturing. It has high efficiency and stability in the implementation of painting, and further filling quality and stability in the helmet painting stage.

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