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Further reinforcement through bolt gluing

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I think you are familiar with bolt as a fixed component. It is a kind of detachable fixed connection mechanical part, which can only be fixed when it is matched with nut in many times. Bolt gluing is a step to play two roles. After this technical adjustment, the bolt has a strong fixed role and strength, which is not easy to loosen or fall off for a long time, Generally, if the bolt is long, more glue should be applied, and if it is short, less glue should be applied.
Large hexagon bolt
Function of bolt gluing
1. Sealing
Because the bolt acts as the connection and fixation between components, in addition to completely bolting the nut into the thread, it is also necessary to apply a proper amount of sealant to the connection position. Generally, the sealant will be applied after tightening the bolt, and the amount of sealant may overflow slightly. The selected type of sealant can be the common sealant. If there is a large pressure impact in the applicable environment or scene, it is necessary to select the special sealant A certain kind of glue is used to enhance the sealing quality.
2. Marking
According to the introduction of the insiders, there is still a function for marking after the bolt is glued. After seeing the gluing, I understand that this position is fixed, and it will not be disassembled if it is not particularly necessary in the future.
Apply thread sealant
Prevent the inflow of external media
The sealing function of the bolt after gluing is reflected in the resistance to the external influence. Apply a proper amount of sealant to the bolt connection part, which has a relatively good leak proof effect. If there are various liquids, Oils and lubricants, it can also be blocked to prevent the fastener from loosening due to the impact.
Filling automatic dispensing machine
At present, there are many combinations of bolts and nuts, and only some manufacturing work with special requirements can glue the bolts. This step is a relatively difficult reversible step, because the disassembly of glue points is involved, so it is inconvenient to remove the bolts.

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