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How to realize product positioning dispensing with multifunc

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Multifunctional high-speed dispensing machine is a can help users work automatic dispensing equipment, made of stainless steel material, mainly used for dispensing package objects, now the factory production line is widely used for packaging adhesive dispensing machine, manual dispensing is no longer applicable to normal industrial production, small items of multifunctional dispensing link high speed dispensing function, then it is through what the product dispensing location?
Multi axis and multi-function high speed dispenser
Mainly through the automatic laser scanning detection system for positioning dispensing, constitute the whole detection system by laser scanner, supporting image acquisition, PC meter and other related parts, measuring precision of dispensing objects is very high, the error is only about 0.1%, and the measuring speed is fast and the need for manual operation with fewer links, labor demand the volume is very low, only one operator can seamless high-speed production cycle, it all depends on the detection of high speed detection system, not only the versatility and widely used.
Multifunctional hot melt adhesive dispenser
This is a detection dispensing mode that can be implemented by multiple sensors, and continuously scans the working platform through a high frequency to obtain all the high density related data. The special scanning software through the multifunctional high-speed dispensing machine equipped with in order to achieve a series of analysis on the work object, the three-dimensional model of object close calculation, and the data results and the image is rendered on the operator's screen, convenient programming and modification.
High speed dispensing machine with single station and multifunction
Of course, to achieve high speed precise positioning, in addition to the above inspection related accessories, but also pay attention to the overall state of the object, this is to make the detection system automatic positioning effect can maximize and need to pay attention to the place.

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