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The contribution of three axle high speed glue dispenser for

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The dispenser originated in Europe and the Americas in sixtieth Century. In order to facilitate the dispensing process, it speeds up the dispensing efficiency, reduces the amount of labor cost spent on hand dispensing, and improves dispensing quality. In a few years after the implementation of the dispensing machine, with various European and American companies are using the traditional dispenser and dispensing technology spread to Asia to enter the Japanese market has undergone tremendous changes, nearly ten years before dispensing machine was introduced into China, although only a short period of time but how long the production and dispensing machine the nationalisation of a group of a group of every kind of dispensing machines began to appear.

Cantilever type double component high-speed glue dispenser

The main energy sources used in high speed dispenser are: air pressure, liquid pressure, electric drive and mechanical drive, these four kinds. The three axis high speed cantilever dispensing machine is mainly used for energy pressure and power, because the two energy dispenser manufactured by providing different air pressure drive, power is used to pump power, there is relative power pump installation cost is low, the power of three axis high speed dispensing although there is no machine on the two above, but has satisfied the need of the glue dispensing work now.

Cantilever type three axle high speed glue dispenser

Now with the dispensing machine, basically high speed dispensing machine is used in alternative energy, although the power may be generated by thermal power plant, but most did not use fossil energy such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. It has made a great contribution to green and clean energy.

Large floor suspension type high-speed glue dispenser

Three axis high speed cantilever dispensing machine we used to follow the direction of development of green low carbon energy in the selection, using the drive mode of air pressure as the main way of using mechanical drive and fluid drive.

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