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Cleaning steps of cantilever high speed dispenser

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As a cantilever type high-speed dispensing machine operator, we use every day every day in addition to cantilever high speed dispensing machine, other than to work but also for dispensing dispensing inside and outside the regular cleaning work, to maintain the smooth operation of the cantilever high-speed dispensing machine.
Visual floor type high speed dispenser
1, we start to this kind of large-scale dispensing machine clean inside, so we must be in the pipeline of the glue dispensing glue row of clean, to close after dispensing in the feeding valve in the open valve, so the dispensing glue in the drain, otherwise the water will affect the residual gum glue dispensing work under a normal. After the above steps and then close the outlet valve of the valve to ensure no outside air into the dispenser, and a rubber tube of glue poured into the glue storage tube, the cleaning agent into the rubber tube, the rubber valve and air valve open and start the operation of the whole rubber cantilever high-speed dispensing machine to clean the pipe, and then let the cleaning agent, detergent dispenser excluded through the pipeline, closed rubber valve two, remove the cleaning rubber cleaner to use.
Floor type high speed dispenser
2, check whether the pressure in the high speed cantilever dispensing machine is normal, if there is a large number of water molecules into the pipeline, to check if the pressure pump or pump leakage is less than normal conditions should be adjusted even if repairs, water filter in the numerical view, if too much water must be discharged. Before cantilever high speed dispensing machine, before glue, or a small amount of glue, to prevent a large number of one-time transmission of glue problems
Cleaning agent for high speed dispenser
3, cantilever high speed dispenser external and worktable need regular scrub, mainly to use clean cloth and dipped in alcohol to scrub.

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