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Programming program of screw type high speed dispensing mach

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Screw type high speed dispensing machine is a set of electrical science and mechanics essence of R & D, dispensing equipment, realize the intelligent dispensing mode through the temperature control valve screw is unique, the user is production of a good helper, has the characteristics of complete functions, good temperature control effect and practical and durable, screw type high speed dispensing function to help manufacturers achieve high-speed production in addition to their own factors or programming merit, then screw type high speed dispensing machine is how to program?
Floor type screw valve high speed dispenser
Support program in addition to support construction projects also support CAD programmable logic controller is used, CAD programming is the most simple, only need to draw the dispensing work in the CAD, and then through the USB interface will work into the dispenser can map, convenient use and simple operation, not just a function of programmable logic controller good.
Large screw type high speed dispenser
Programmable logic controller, also known as PLC, is widely used in both industrial and civil fields. First, through the intelligent scanning system of screw type high speed dispensing machine for positioning scanning parameters, and then points out important parameters are stored by the data processing, the data in the form of ladder programming, pay attention to strictly follow the trajectory to work properly, the ladder programming do USB interface imported dispenser can be used after.
Floor type large high speed dispenser
When the program finished can conduct a dispensing debugging work, through the PLC platform are monitoring the working state, reduce the data transmission time interval between the maximum extent, when programming problems are convenient for operator to modify at any time, if no significant error can be directly applied to the dispensing operation, does not affect the normal work of screw valve does not affect the normal high-speed dispensing dispensing machine.

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