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The normal working environment of the high speed dispensing

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Lift type high speed dispensing machine is a very versatile dispensing equipment, also known as the Longmen type high speed dispensing machine, dispensing package work through the lifting structure can carry out a variety of objects, to facilitate the operation of personnel dispensing work, lifting type high speed dispensing machine through the air pressure device can effectively reduce the pressure caused by glue bonding surface. Only in order to achieve this effect need to operate in normal working environment.
Longmen AB high speed dispenser
Considering the dispenser is Longmen type structure, to ensure the working environment of the open platform, in addition to dispensing goods do not place items affect other work mobile lifting platform. Need to ensure that work in clean environment, in the long run if the dust in the working environment, but not conducive to human health will affect the normal work of dispensing machine, high speed rail mobile lifting platform dispensing dust accumulated too much easy to smooth effect of manipulator operation. The thermal system of dust will affect the work of the motor, the motor when working with more or less electrostatic, electrostatic easily absorb dust to heat the surface of the window, to the motor heat difficult easy to burn, so the importance of the timing of the dispensing work environment clean up dust is self-evident.
Longmen desktop three axis high speed dispenser
Apart from the environment factors also need to pay attention to the dispensing machine, glue machine lifting plane placed to ensure smooth, and the ground need to have a certain stability, to eliminate the interference caused by the effects of radiation, to determine whether the power supply is affected by the working environment, the working environment of the radiation field is easy to interfere with the pure power supply circuit. So sometimes found Caton phenomenon of mobile dispensing elevating platform, which is subject to interference caused by the magnetic field, to ensure the stability of normal dispensing, dispensing to timely treatment in order to ensure the normal working environment.

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