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What does the high speed dispenser depend on to detect and l

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The inductance coil is a special conductor parts in the circuit, the general transmission status of high frequency signals are better than the low frequency signal, and the inductance coil is in order to make the low-frequency signal alone through manufacturing, inductance coil fixed on the circuit board need dispensing technology support, but belongs to the coil inductance coil body is more complex. If the manual dispensing can rely on artificially high speed dispensing, dispensing machine is how to detect and glue?
High speed dispensing machine with inductance coil
Before this kind of complex inductance coil dispensing work, first of all to ensure the consistency of the glue objects, can appear small amplitude deviation and not too much deviation, it is normal to convenient detection system, high speed dispensing needle dispenser selected should be used needles made of Teflon Seiko, more durable and high precision glue.
Desktop three axis high speed dispenser
The image recognition system of high speed dispensing machine of this kind of small objects glue depends mainly on the PC side of the object location and appearance recognition, through the micro detection camera detected object current position and profile and other relevant information, to facilitate the operator real-time correction modification. Note that the high speed dispensing glue strength should be appropriately reduced, because the inductance coil is mainly made of copper or copper clad aluminum circular winding made of circular structure, causes the contact area is very small, the need for micro dispensing glue can solve the contraposition bias problem, so the glue intensity should be adjusted according to the actual situation, the best in debugging link to address.
Single station desktop high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing function applied to the production of inductance coil in addition to meet the positioning dispensing needs, the most important is to support array working mode to achieve high-speed bulk dispensing work, directly linked with the production of user's production goals, of course can also be used for dispensing with high speed dispensing machine of inductance coil, dispensing effect will be finished a huge boost.

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