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Factors affecting normal operation of screw type high speed

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High speed automatic dispensing equipment of screw type high speed dispensing machine with screw valve, high speed dispensing work advantages to improve the innovation on a regular basis, has the advantages of convenient operation and strong adhesive ability of precise contraposition of work characteristics, special requirements are mainly used in the high demand of the industrial production line of adhesive. Which may be due to the main factors and objective factors will affect the screw type high-speed dispensing machine normal work, then what are the specific factors?
Floor type screw valve high speed dispenser
From the human factors analysis, screw type high speed dispensing function realize automatic production mode is relying on its unique operating system and programming simple realization, can realize the automatic loading and unloading function, automatic production mode to make the operation of low demand, the operator will be finished timely transfer and adjustment treatment can be subtle in the work process, this general equipment with working file can not change, if the operator only needs to change the working parameters, easy to make whole smooth working mode is affected, so if you want to change the operator must have certain knowledge to operate.
Large screw type high speed dispenser
In addition to the subjective factors will affect the normal work of high speed dispensing machine, important potential objective factors of work environment also affect the overall effect of dispensing, including temperature and humidity, dust and other objective factors, the nature of the use of temperature will affect the high-speed dispensing glue water, if the temperature is too high will reduce the viscosity of the glue, if the working temperature is too low will make the high viscosity of the glue. Dust is also an important factor affecting the normal operation of high speed dispensing machine. Only by solving the influence of these objective environmental factors can the screw dispenser achieve the normal speed dispensing.

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