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How to strengthen the dispensing accuracy of screw type high

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The screw dispenser called screw valve is a high speed dispensing machine, through the relevant work procedures computer programming dispensing equipment automatic feeding, feeding and dispensing work, along with the rapid development of industrial Chinese, high-speed dispensing machine more and more manufacturers rely on and favor, screw type high speed dispensing machine investment small, than the pure manual dispensing work with fast speed and high efficiency, in order to further enhance the precision dispensing work, small by some relevant knowledge and teach you how to improve the precision of dispensing.
Floor type screw valve high speed dispenser
Rail is an important part of the mechanical arm movement, rail without obstruction can help high speed dispensing machine manipulator running smoothly, if the guide rail used for a long time easy to make plane irregular wear, resulting in dispensing straightness error of positioning, the most direct way is to replace a durable fine new secret guide, in order to solve the problem of accuracy of dispensing.
High speed dispensing screw valve
Screw valve is an important factor affecting the normal dispensing accuracy, when the screw valve outlet is blocked, the pressure surge, screw valve drive load will exceed the maximum value of working parts, lead screw valve processing when the glue glue dispensing machine accuracy is poor, you can install the hydraulic pressure control valve (overflow to solve the problem of screw valve valve).
Large screw type high speed dispenser
From the fixture effect may cause some errors to the screw type high speed dispensing machine normal dispensing, automatic dispensing machine fixture usually adopts pneumatic or other forms of clamping, clamping unit of the actuator if damage will lead to the fixed effect becomes worse, so the screw type high speed dispensing machine sometimes dispensing objects will affect the normal offset dispensing accuracy.

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