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Preparation of high speed dispenser for PCB dispensing

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PCB also called on electronic circuit boards, printing a multi carrier parts production, electronic components are welded on the circuit boards to make the circuit work normally, the high speed dispensing machine is commonly used in a PCB high speed dispensing equipment, such as automatic work, then you have what preparation work do the PCB dispensing before?
Three axis high speed dispenser
First, operators need to clear the places where not glue dispensing, the welding part can be dispensed, and the circuit board is the key part is not dispensing, otherwise it will make the key function failure.
Hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
We often see on the PCB board some black glue sealed, this is called a chip on board package, including COB bonding adhesive to protect the chip, not the local foreign body adhesive surface with dust, dust with specific techniques will be attached to the board removed, this is an important the high speed dispensing before the need to prepare, dust and foreign matter attached to the adhesive surface will affect the product quality of bonding, not only to the cleaning and dust cleaning work for dispensing to normal working environment.
PCB dispensing are generally used for plastic circuit board, of course, hot melt adhesive and epoxy resin glue can encapsulate the adhesive work here need to pay attention to the use of glue can not produce bubbles, glue bubbles will directly affect the bonding quality and appearance of the finished product, the best in high speed dispensing glue bubbles before solving problems. Can solve the problem through the vacuum deaeration glue bubbles.
Double head hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
The high speed dispenser is the most important thing for debugging, dispensing machine debugging can help the operator to work smoothly and consistently perform dispensing, the best is the debugging work by controlling the variable step by step, check out the existing mechanical problems can help the operator to better perform PCB dispensing.

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