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High speed dispensing robot is how to deal with the drawing

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You need to apply to the production automation equipment of various lines in the manufacturing industry, the high speed dispensing robot dispensing work can help manufacturers to carry out a variety of different needs, high speed dispensing robot manipulator with flexible in the production work in various industries to benefit, so it is widely used in various industries manufacturers, work tolerance high speed dispensing robot rate is very high, the problem of drawing such as glue dispensing process can be handled in a timely manner, it is how to deal with the glue drawing?
Large visual high speed dispensing robot
Glue drawing is a common problem prone to most equipment, mainly because of the high viscosity of the glue, glue if drawing object surface easy to make product docking effect worse, and affect the appearance of the product effect. Flexible manipulator is important parts of high speed dispensing dispensing robot performing various high-speed dispensing work, perform dispensing work contact surface to dispensing process in one go, will quickly pull back, in a moment to pull off this part of high viscosity glue, the glue will not appear on wire drawing problems.
Desktop high speed dispensing robot
The method can solve the problem of glue while drawing, but easy to damage the mechanical arm dispensing needle, so from the source to solve the problem more effectively, reduce the viscosity of the glue by strengthening the glue temperature, the glue is not easy in the dispensing adhesive on the dispensing needle, high-speed dispensing robot is the glue heat treatment device that can be adjusted to the optimum use of glue, also avoid glue drawing problems.
High speed dispensing robot arm
The dispensing environment of high speed dispensing robot needs to be guaranteed. If the working environment is too wet, it will affect the quality of dispensing work.

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