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Dispensing speed adjustment of flash aluminum silver paste h

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High speed dispensing machine is PLC system, computer system, mechanical arm, dispensing valve assembly, these accessories can operate, mobile, dispensing, dispensing mode instead of the manual, manual speed is according to their own brain to control how fast you can automatically adjust the speed, high speed dispensing machine using aluminum silver according to adjust the speed of the slurry is what? What is the speed according to the requirements of the formulation? Let's explain these questions.
Single station hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
We must first understand the configuration problem of high speed dispensing machine, the influence of speed dispensing problems, stepper motor is a dynamic system of high speed dispensing machine, its operation will affect the dispensing speed, its speed can reach the number of dispensing machines can achieve much, so the dispensing machine needs a high speed motor maintenance dispensing speed.
A stepper motor is needed to control the reasonable speed, if the motor is high speed operation, so the dispensing needs some time, so need to be able to control the dispensing speed motor, the running time is PLC system has the ability to control the motor.
Two position high speed dispenser
High speed motor control Plc system operation requires a system can transmit data, you can use the computer system, it can fast delivery instructions to the motor high speed dispensing machine, so the speed of dispensing dispensing is three system with the regulation, are indispensable, this combination can effectively control the dispensing, also can dispensing quality.
Double fluid high speed dispenser
Dispensing speed aluminum paste glue machine is the use of high speed regulation of three kinds of control technology, can effectively utilize the dispensing speed, no dispensing is not completed, the next step is to perform dispensing tasks, so that there will be a lot of bad products.

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