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Why is the noise of high speed dispensing robot small?

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At present, the application field of high speed dispensing robot is very broad, once became an important auxiliary tool in the intelligent production line, can realize the value of the product to enhance again, is a more hot selling products in the dispensing industry.
Large visual high speed dispensing robot
Through the pneumatic control work can work through the electric control high speed dispensing robot, due to the high flexibility of high-speed dispensing robot with manual dispensing, so called "dispensing robot", in the continuous development of science and technology, high speed dispensing robot has become a large manufacturing industry commonly used dispensing equipment, intelligent dispensing system has to work the utility of the rising of the dispensing dispensing equipment is stable and low noise, high speed dispensing robot in dispensing why small noise when working?
Large floor type high speed dispensing robot
The noise dispensing robot is the main reason for the lack of lubrication, high speed rail work dispensing robot is built, the plane of the guide rail is steady, the dispensing manipulator could move smoothly for dispensing, except of course the most important is to create specialized rail operators for dispensing work adjustment, you can add lubrication the appropriate oil dispensing work more smoothly and reduce the noise.
Desktop high speed dispensing robot
Pneumatic control is a high speed dispensing robot working mode, which is generated by the air pressure inside the small gas generating device for dispensing glue can make more smooth flow of high speed dispensing, dispensing machine generally because of the pressure and body contact caused by air noise, easy to influence the stability of dispensing work can be properly. To reduce air flow pressure. The noise of the air source device is small, because there are some shockproof cotton around, which can reduce the noise caused by vibration.

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