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Function of slide rail of high speed dispenser

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Track is a transport carrying tool, help manipulator operation needs is the glue dispensing machine generally choose high-speed rails, sliding linear guide, can undertake some work in the high speed rail torque, so when the dispenser to play what role?
Multi axis high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machines are generally three axes of dispensing, directly affects the dispensing slide arm work flexibility, generally is the choice of sliding type linear guide, support guide manipulator to realize the dispensing work objectives, to achieve Z axis dispensing need is around the rail, so its role is very clear.
Slide selected should choose smaller friction coefficient, lower friction coefficient can make the manipulator work fluency and speed, the high precision positioning can ensure accuracy when moving, does not affect the speed of high-speed operation, using a special material to create a hand slide, the long time to use accuracy and fluency can protected and not easy to wear.
Two position high speed dispenser
To ensure the normal dispensing lubricating slide is very important, the contact surface after long-term use due to the direct damage caused by friction dispensing machine, to ensure the lubrication of lubrication oil for rail in the implementation of high-speed dispensing work before the slider straight guide has a lubricating oil supply port, can ensure the normal work of the quantitative addition condition.
After lubricating treatment, the slide rail can not only ensure the normal operation, but also reduce the noise caused by the friction coefficient.
Single position high speed dispenser
Slide assembly is convenient and light weight, good corrosion resistance, and can be used in addition to the operation can be applied to the dispensing arm for conveying equipment and handling system, slide the actual application range is very wide, so both the value and reputation has a certain status.

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