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Normal working temperature of high speed water dispenser wit

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No matter what kind of glue is a specific temperature guarantee, the glue will change with temperature, if more than a certain value of molecular structure will be changed after the glue internal stability, which is called metamorphism, metamorphic properties will not play the effect of glue, water-based paste is so high you cannot use the glue dispenser for dispensing metamorphism, so need to pay attention to the temperature around the glue storage.
Single head silver paste high speed dispenser
There are water-based paste temperature to note in the dispensing process temperature also need to pay attention to, because the hot summer weather will turn around the temperature to 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature has exceeded the water temperature of high temperature silver paste, the molecular structure of the glue completely destroyed, so the glue has not the role of the package, is able to use high speed dispensing machine for dispensing glue, also did not coagulate or not completely solidified, the products produced are scrap.
There is a winter temperature, although the global temperatures continue to rise, the winter can still reach temperatures lower than 10 degrees, the lower the temperature, water paste activity began to decrease 10 degrees is the lowest temperature of glue can afford, this is after the water-based paste mixed under temperature, to ensure the glue the machine can use high speed dispensing, we need to ensure the working environment temperature.
Double station silver pulp high speed dispenser
The temperature range of silver high speed dispensing machine use is 10 degrees to 40 degrees, the numerical characteristics of super glue is completely reflected out, work best is 20 degrees to 30 degrees, because they do not know the water paste existed in low and high temperature will be what effect each time allocation the glue is different, so as to play the best and high speed glue dispensing machine, intermediate temperature using the most stable, these are silver high speed dispensing machine common problems.

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