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Longmen fixed type high speed dispensing machine needs atten

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Longmen high speed dispensing machine fixed with stability and endurance compressive characteristics can be applied to the semiconductor chip industry package dispensing work, according to the actual needs of even supporting multiple functions to achieve a variety of accessories, planar dispensing mode, of course, in order to meet the high quality of the working mode of dispensing, there are some matters needing attention is the operator needs to clear.
Large Longmen high speed dispensing machine
Install the Longmen type high speed dispensing machine when the need to ensure stability, if there is a special customer service service personnel do not need to pay attention to this problem, if it is installed to ensure the integrity of the fixed dispensing machine, because the Longmen type high speed dispensing machine needs high speed glue, if you can not guarantee the firmness is prone to offset problems at work, when to use fixed dispensing machine screws good quality. In addition to the fixed problems, but also ensure that the dispensing machine power outlet will not appear poor contact, so that Longmen high-speed dispensing machine can be in the best state of dispensing.
NC Longmen high speed dispensing machine
High speed dispensing machine accessories integrity is the operating personnel need to pay attention to, when the dispenser is used for a period of time after operation of related parts may be due to wear and use, are generally dispensing needles and seals and other consumables need frequent replacement, which is to guarantee the stability of the normal high-speed dispensing work the lubricating oil can help operators better dispensing work, so adding proper lubricating oil can perform better dispensing work.
Longmen automatic high speed dispensing machine
The stability of the working environment is the potential factor affecting the dispensing quality. If the room temperature and dust free pollution can be guaranteed, the dispensing work of the best quality can be realized.

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