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Maintenance of high precision automatic high speed dispensin

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High precision automatic dispensing machine in daily production environment, no cleaning a long time there will be a lot of dust accumulated, the dust will not only affect the dispensing speed, but also has effect on the quality of the product, especially for high speed and high precision is required, these effects will be hugely magnified, for a periodic maintenance work in the use of automatic dispensing machine. Ensure that the dispensing machine works properly.
Full automatic multi function high speed dispenser
The machinery is in need of repair, high precision dispensing machine is the same, but the maintenance need to pay attention to the following requirements, first, need to disconnect the power plant to prevent circuit leakage, maintenance before second, clean, the need for automatic glue dispensing machine maintenance before third, the need to speed the valves and other parts the split, then check whether the loss is serious. Fourth points, the computer and visual system, split, clean.
Large visual high-speed dispensing machine
High speed precision dispensing machine does not need to maintain a week, as long as a month or half a month for a maintenance, but every day the maintenance of automatic dispensing machine, dispensing machine need to pay attention to high speed dispensing valve in the maintenance process, whether to check inside the apron problem or is wear, because of high speed plastic the valve automatic dispensing machine, glue rubber valve corrosion, thus dispensing valve density is not good, it is prone to problems of dispensing.
Large high speed dispenser
For high precision automatic dispensing machine maintenance can guarantee dispensing precision and high speed, but also can ensure the regular maintenance of automatic dispensing machine parts without damage, can also change the old parts replacement, do not let out in the process of automatic dispensing problems, ensure the production efficiency of enterprises.

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