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High speed dispensing machine on the battery before the glue

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In recent years, the manufacturing industry is affected by the bubble economy, gradually declining trend in the future will strengthen the technological innovation of manufacturing industry in order to better development, high speed dispensing machine manufacturing industry is a commonly used dispensing equipment, mainly used in packaging and bonding, high-speed operation of a battery dispenser for dispensing the battery before the first for a period of time delay so as to complete the glue dispensing work, with the following we know why open delay.
Double head and double position high speed dispenser 1
Between the glue outlet and the rubber valve has a short distance in high speed glue dispensing process will approach this distance, because of its no glue flow, if the direct power to track the front point dispensing glue in battery dispensing process, directly affects the yield and use effect, so usually an operator will for a period of time delay in high speed dispensing glue, the glue can not fully fill the distance before work, solve the problem of leakage glue glue, and the path is more uniform and full, reduces the cost of the battery and other small objects point glue non-performing rate, so the delay is a glue preparation work is very necessary.
Multi axis double station high speed dispenser
Similarly, an important work off delay glue is also essential, if the battery in the dispensing work is completed quickly shut the high-speed dispensing mouth, easy to make the glue is not fully outflow still had a part in this section of the gap failed to deal with it easily and quickly cured due to dispensing blockage, directly affect the dispensing efficiency. So close in the process of rubber will be a glue delay, make glue to flow out completely.
Single head double station high speed dispenser
Of course, the viscosity of the glue is also part of the reason, some high viscosity glue is difficult to flow out of the dispensing mouth, through the glue delay can let this part of glue fully out.

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