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Commissioning of vertical high speed dispensing machine

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The debugging work is an important step to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, vertical high-speed dispensing machine is an important equipment for the dispensing dispensing work, before the commissioning of a strong dependence, actually debugging work needs not only reflects the adjustment of working parameters, the selection of a ring accessories also belongs to the work.
Vertical high speed dispenser
Vertical high speed dispensing machine supporting the use of glue very much, before the normal work to ensure that the glue does not exist bubbles appear glue bubbles mostly because of uneven mixing caused, if there is high speed glue bubbles, uniformly stirring the glue to remove bubbles. The dispensing needle should be carefully selected, dispensing needle diameter for dispensing point about 1/2, in order to ensure the stability of the work is still the best choice of electric dispensing dispensing valve, these accessories are selected to perform normal dispensing work according to the actual demand.
Manual operation demonstration box for high speed dispensing machine
The execution of vertical high-speed dispensing machine programming, dispensing time, dispensing velocity, internal working pressure working parameters are determined, the debugging work can not immediately carry out batch dispensing work, first determine the working parameters, and then gradually increase the demand, lamp check whether the normal light dispensing machine a test of whether the reset button can be used normally. If you do not find any problems in this link, you can put it into normal use.
Vertical double liquid high speed dispenser
In order to ensure the normal operation of the work function of dispensing, debugging is very important, if it is found that the high speed dispensing process is not smooth can add the lubricating oil in the moving guide or dispensing arm and other parts, can enhance the dispensing work smoothly, can guarantee the vertical high speed dispensing service life to a certain extent.

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