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Needle offset of high speed dispenser for lead crystal batte

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Lead crystal battery occupy the mainstream position in the development of national industries, some motorcycles and electric cars on the battery demand is greater, the battery industry's technology is more mature, so the production process is relatively simple and very low maintenance requirements, including the role of dispensing is essential, through the battery high speed dispensing machine of lead crystal battery dispensing the quality and the effect is very obvious, so the position of high speed dispensing machine in the manufacturing industry can not be ignored, sometimes users may find the high speed dispensing process path uneven, which is mainly caused by the deviation of dispensing needle head, through some method can solve the problem of dispensing needle offset.
High speed dispensing needle
Depends on the quality of dispensing needles after the battery and effect, if the offset is easy to cause the glue dispensing needle path allowed, directly affect the product's effects, the cause of migration may be the use of needles did not regularly check the high-speed dispensing machine, the operator in the battery dispensing work is completed to check the normal use of equipment to avoid the battery status, dispensing bad products for dispensing needle offset.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
Most dispensing machine use stainless steel needles, if the frequency is too slow to glue dispensing point out there is still a part of sticking in the dispensing needle point in the dispensing arm to the stainless steel needles to speed the process of tension.
Automatic high speed dispensing needle
Deviation problem, if this is the case for dispensing needles can be replaced by a more appropriate, you can use the PP flexible needles as the important parts of battery high-speed dispensing, the needle has the advantage of not due to impact force involved in migration, and will not scratch the surface of the storage battery, is a practical and dispensing needle. To avoid dispensing needle offset problems, so as to ensure the consistency of the dispensing work.

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