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Large scale high speed dispensing machine has high efficienc

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Dispensing equipment on the market is generally divided into desktop dispensing machine and large dispensing machine, mainly used in some large dispensing machine in the production line of high demand for bulk dispensing work, including a mass production line to meet the demand of high-speed point function, help users with high quality high speed bulk dispensing work, has high practicability in practical application hand.
Large double liquid high speed dispensing machine
This kind of large-scale high-speed dispensing machine can realize high speed pipelined dispensing machine, can perform a rational high-speed dispensing work, large working platform allows the execution of bulk dispensing work at the same time, it is applied to production line of the most prominent effect, the use of imported stepper motor as the driving mode of dispensing, dispensing flexible mechanical arm can perform high speed dispensing, dispensing work can perform point line and plane range according to the demand, the high speed dispensing machine is more practical, the speed and stability of the dispensing path the value of goods to be further improved.
Floor type high speed dispenser
At present, the demand for dispensing technology is high in major industries, and dispensing is necessary both in industrial packaging and docking. In recent years, along with the national economy adjustment, electronic industry showed rapid growth trend, the printed circuit board is an important component in electronic products, whether the quality of most electronic devices can be used normally depends on the printed circuit board, printed circuit board welding components need package in the production process, the use of large-scale high-speed dispensing function to complete the accurate and efficient packaging of electronic components, circuit board to enhance the use effect, long-term protection circuit parts is not affected by environmental erosion, used in various industries with high practicability.

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