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Daily maintenance of high speed optical fiber dispensing mac

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A certain number of optical fibers is called optical cable, composed of optical fiber and plastic structure, high speed dispensing machine is mainly used for dispensing and packaging, because of the need to protect the cable, so there will be a sealing layer, waterproof layer, these are the package need to use high-speed dispensing machine, to prevent external influence of cable, cable use the dispensing machine is, play a big role.
Fiber optic cable dispensing
High speed dispensing machine use is generally need maintenance, especially some of the strict requirements of the dispensing industry, such as cable dispensing, the need to ensure the quality of products, daily maintenance can play such a role, to ensure the normal operation of high speed dispensing machine and the quality of daily.
Daily maintenance of high-speed dispensing machine need to pay attention to some common problems, these problems will appear as long as a little improper dispensing, first to ensure a skilled high-speed dispensing machine operator, then the dispensing valve, dispensing needles, hose for dispensing a check whether there is a problem, then adjust the mechanical arm dispenser. Then check the sliding interface, check the lubrication degree is enough, the daily need for a check on these parts, the problems of the cable to the dispensing process will not.
Multi position hot melt adhesive fiber high speed dispensing machine
Daily maintenance in addition to check the high-speed dispensing machine parts, and to check the glue to glue, cable is heavy, high speed dispensing machine just to play a supporting role, so I want a good glue dispensing machine, not only better, better glue, both can have a perfect place effect.
Three axis full automatic high speed fiber glue dispenser
Optical fiber high speed dispensing machine daily work is a process which is more important, not in order to save time for maintenance work, problems often affect the production speed.

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