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Influence of environment on anodized aluminum high speed dis

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In production and life, the use of aluminum is very common, a large number of aircraft, trains and other aluminum industrial products, high-speed dispensing machine manufacturing is no exception. Aluminum is a kind of active metal, and it is easy to oxidize in air in general environment. Therefore, we need to coat a layer of anodized alumina to prevent rust and electrolytic coloring. So what are the requirements of the anodized aluminum high-speed dispensing machine working environment?.
Desktop Longmen aluminum dispenser
1, when we run the dispenser, in order to promote the flow of glue inside the machine, we need to use heating device to enhance the temperature, ordinary aluminum and hot water aluminum reaction, and alumina will not happen this phenomenon.
2, the anodic aluminum oxide can prevent the air corrosion of the aluminum tube in the dispenser, which has a certain oxidation resistance, better than the ordinary alumina, and the film thickness of the anodized aluminum is relatively thin, and the sealing quality is higher.
Floor type high speed dispensing machine for aluminum profiles
3, the hardness of alumina is much higher than that of the aluminum itself, and the relationship between wear resistance and hardness is the same, so that in the fluid high-speed pipeline, mechanical transportation to reduce unnecessary losses and problems.
4, aluminum is a good conductor, the general line is the use of copper wire or aluminum wire. The anodic aluminum oxide has strong insulation, and can be applied to the high-speed dispensing machine made of aluminum metal to prevent the machine line from being damaged and leakage, which endangers the life safety of the operator.
High speed dispensing machine for large aluminum profiles
However, under the strong acid and strong alkali working environment. The alumina film may react with the acid base solution to cause the coating to be destroyed. The metal aluminum exposed in the air will cause oxidation corrosion, which should be paid attention to.

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