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Comparison between high speed dispenser and traditional disp

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High speed dispensing machines are commonly used in modern manufacturing industry to a device that can improve the yield in high speed dispensing dispensing work way, make the industry to further enhance the value of the object, the modern traditional dispensing machine in high quality demand has been unable to adapt to the trend, so most of them have been eliminated by the high speed dispensing machine, the two different devices in the function and characteristics of be quite different.
Floor type double liquid high speed dispenser
The traditional dispensing machine is more inclined to manual dispensing, this mode of work requires higher precision, before the automatic dispensing equipment is not available, most of the production line is the traditional dispensing mode implementation. The operating personnel in the work to ensure the sustained and stable glue, and the dispensing path is kept uniform, manual dispensing needle long time may sour objects caused by uneven dispensing, dispensing work appeared in the low productivity and material cost cost higher shortcomings, so the traditional dispensing machine has gradually withdraw from the historical trend.
Single head double station high speed dispenser
The biggest difference with the traditional high speed dispensing dispensing machine is dependent on artificial small operator is only responsible for the normal work and adjust the parameters, and then the high speed dispensing machine product transfer, automatic dispensing work mode to help the user to maximize the utilization of materials, reduce the manpower requirements and material cost.
Single station hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine solves various work requirements for dispensing most users, the effective implementation of various dispensing speed and stability through the automatic dispensing system, whether it is used in glue or package effects are very prominent, can carry out mass dispensing work array to ensure the high demand, work efficiency, help the user achieves high capacity dispensing work.

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