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The correct matching of dispensing needles is helpful to the

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The dispensing needle is as important parts of dispensing, dispensing needles decides whether the glue path uniformity and use effect is complete, high speed dispensing machine is battery battery production in a common dispensing equipment, battery production through a special selection of needles need to be put into use, will correctly match the dispensing needle high speed dispensing machine is conducive to battery operation.
High speed dispensing needle
Dispensing the use of needles is generally small, usually between 14G-35G, the battery industry application to high speed dispensing machine is mainly for encapsulating electrolyte, the electrolyte has certain corrosion resistance, stainless steel needles generally choose high hardness and corrosion resistance, the needle head is easy to scratch the workpiece in the dispensing process, the best choice of flexible PP as the high speed dispensing needle dispenser for dispensing battery needles, the needle low hardness will not scratch the surface of the battery, so the application in this work best, if the implementation of high strength work force for easy dispensing, causing the battery through the large deflection problem of high speed dispensing needle.
Brush Needle
Use the glue dispensing machine determines the selection of high speed needle, if the use of quick drying glue use teflon metal needles, can effectively avoid excessive glue solidified in the dispensing needle, if the use of high viscosity glue can use tapered inclined dispensing needle. Is a kind of special adhesive glue, the glue will encounter UV curing needles if you need to use this glue glue to replace amber.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
According to the actual needs of the diameter of the dispensing path dispensing needle, high-speed dispensing machine supporting the use of needles is very much, 14G is a large caliber dispensing needle, battery dispensing without such large diameter needle, how should be selected according to the actual needs of users to decide.

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