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Wet problem of numerical control vertical high speed dispens

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The requirements on the working environment of most dispensing equipment is very high, a high speed CNC vertical dispensing machine belongs to large dispensing machine, in order to achieve the best working conditions, there are many places that should pay attention to, dispensing wet easy to affect the dispensing quality and the dispensing efficiency, how to solve the vertical type high speed dispensing machine wet has become an important issue widely discussed in the.
Numerical control vertical high speed dispenser
Because of the quality of vertical high speed dispensing machine of glue glue is higher, if the effect of moisture, easily affect the dispensing effect and extend the object docking docking time, slow curing glue prone to drawing problems in the docking process, affect the normal appearance of dispensing. If the moisture invades the dispensing machine, it is easy to make the glue pipe flow to the condensation phenomenon. If it is not treated in time, it is easy to make the glue glue appear cloudy and metamorphic, and eventually affect the dispensing effect, so it is better to prepare quantitative glue every day to achieve the maximum utilization rate of the material.
High speed anaerobic adhesive
Because the vertical high-speed dispensing machine with NC detection function in the visual system shown inside the dispensing machine work such as temperature and humidity, the best vertical high speed dispensing machine used in low humidity environment, can also use large vertical electrothermal blowing dry box processing dispenser is too wet, connected to the power supply after the opening of hot air the drying model can solve the problem of dispenser is too wet, because of the high cost of choice according to user needs to choose.
Vertical high speed dispenser
In cold and dry winter will also affect the normal operation of high speed dispenser, especially vertical high speed dispenser, before the start of the operation, often the problem of poor dispensing, it is better to adjust the normal working state before starting the work.

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