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Why need to use high-speed dispensing machine production bat

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The electric car is a tool of our daily use of electric vehicles, mainly using lithium batteries as a power source, in the future, the lithium battery will tend to be more intelligent and convenient, intelligent battery charging technology in China to expand the market, the battery high speed dispensing machine is a specialized for dispensing equipment using battery production process, the with intelligent, humane, efficient production and other characteristics, has become an indispensable auxiliary battery production equipment.
Floor type accumulator high speed dispenser
High speed battery dispenser teach box programming through the manual to help the operator to quickly complete dispensing programming work, multi axis mechanical arm is equipped with a flexible dispensing work, for some irregular seam filling adhesive work complete, can even point line surface path dispensing, equipped with high precision circular guide, carrying the dispensing manipulator for high precision dispensing work,
High speed dispenser for large batteries
Battery high speed dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the production of battery battery cover and body are firmly bonded together, so will the use of powerful two-component glue as docking glue, glue heating system using silicone sheet for the security and stability of the heating, maximize the utilization to achieve the glue. The dynamic mixing system to help the operator more fully completed work on mixing glue, the main pump is equipped with a screw pump wear resistant, long time work will not affect the dispensing accuracy, even if the memory in the fine solid glue can be normal dispensing.
High speed dispenser for storage battery
The battery production line cannot do without the help of high speed dispensing machine, through the dispensing work can help improve precision high speed battery multiple grade utility and use value.

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