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Maintenance of high speed dispensing machine for electrophor

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We usually have vacations and idle machines after dispensing. The maintenance of electrophoresis coating high-speed dispensing machine is also very important. How to make dispensing machine at the time of maintenance, but also has the dispensing work at any time, this is also an important issue.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
1, the dispensing needles and templates with a clean lotion, cleaning work, remove the above coagulation glue, can prevent dispensing, jam, break glue and wire drawing situation.
2, if you want to replace the type of glue dispensing machine, need to open the material barrel valve door, the remaining in the glue dispensing machine drained after the cleaning agent is poured into the high-speed dispensing machine, the liquid through the discharge pipe of the dispenser inside is clean, can begin to replace the new glue.
Glue syringe
3, in the replacement of rubber hose, need to prevent outside air into the dispenser, prevent dispensing bubble.
Table 4, dispensing products must be aged for a period of time to clean, clean, so you can keep the table clean without damage, prolong the service life of dispensing machine.
5, some parts of high speed dispensing machine should be lubricated, it is best once a week, between the parts with nozzles to fill a few drops of lubricant.
6, check the dispensing machine of the various institutions and devices are normal, if there are problems need to be replaced at any time.
Dispensing jet valve
7, dispensing machine in standby not work, if the time is too long, or turn off the power supply is better, otherwise it will shorten the service life of dispenser.
Maintenance of high speed dispensing machine in practical work is a very important part in the maintenance process, because you can test the dispensing functions and components have no problems, but also to solve it in the work that prevent virtually increase the efficiency and enhance the dispensing, dispensing accuracy, but also improve the high speed dispensing machine life, reduce the cost.

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