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PU high speed dispenser market competitive advantage

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PU glue is needed for industrial production because of its high adhesive, bond strength, heat resistance and not easy to deteriorate at room temperature, so it is widely used, the characteristics of high speed dispensing function processing PU glue in the normal use, so high speed dispensing machine compared with similar products with what competitive advantage?

Double station high-speed glue dispenser

The most common market dispensing machine have certain characteristics, of which the most prominent feature of high speed dispensing machine is high speed dispensing, instant operation through a unique control system, can achieve high speed dispensing, the nature of this kind of special glue temperature control system adjust PU glue, so the glue strength, high speed uniform dispensing path this is, some of the advantages of the traditional automatic dispensing dispensing machines do not have. It can realize three axle high speed dispensing, and can also be related with the manufacturer for four axle high speed dispensing, which reflects the high plasticity of the high-speed dispenser.

Multi station high speed glue dispensing equipment

High speed dispensing machine equipped with filtration equipment can solve the clogging phenomenon common dispensing process, here with PU glue for example, jam is usually a foreign body or a PU glue in the internal curing caused by excessive, so in addition to a heating device control, also need to filter system to resolve the remaining PU curing adhesive, solve the blockage phenomenon from the maximum extent by using the multi section filter can work, so rarely occur, to ensure the consistency and stability of dispensing work.

Single station high speed dispenser

High speed dispensing machine work needs more so with special glue, glue material storage barrel, large storage capacity can be made of liquid glue, so in addition to the PU glue can use UV glue, silica gel, glue glue used, widely used in the production of dispensing link hardware industry, electronic industry, household appliances industry.

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